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Revista Semana

This magazine began in 1982 and is the only one in circulation that features political analysis. It is a weekly magazine. Its website ( includes the contents of the printed magazine as well as real time coverage of political and social issues.

It is considered an independent and liberal media with high credibility. It has published journalistic investigations that have unleashed major political scandals. It strongly criticized the government of former president and current Senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez. It publishes some of the most recognized columnists: Antonio Caballero, Daniel Coronell, María Jimena Duzán, and Daniel Samper Ospina, among others.

The political and economic influence of its owner Felipe López Caballero, and its director Alejandro Santos Rubino has an undeniable impact on the access to information about this media organization. The magazine has political current affairs spot on the Cable Noticias channel program called Debates Week. It is broadcast on Thursdays and Fridays.

History and recent developments:

Alberto Lleras Camargo founded the first version of Revista Semana at the end of his term as president of Colombia in 1946. It closed in 1961 due to a budget crisis .

In 1982, Felipe López Caballero (son of the former Colombian president Alfonso López Michelsen and grandson of the former president Alfonso López Pumarejo) decided to re-found the magazine. It was registered on 20 September 1982 with the Chamber of Commerce as Publications Semana S.A, Publishing House.

In 2014 through its Foros Semana initiative, Fundación Semana S.A. was implicated in a scandal for being the beneficiary of contracts from the National Fund for Peace valued at $ 1,092,800,000 to promote post-conflict pedagogical activities and the generation of spaces for discussion on peace building.



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16 %

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Geographic Coverage


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Paid Content

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Publicaciones Semana S.A.


Ownership Structure

The channel belongs to two companies of the Felipe López Caballero family.

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Sociedad de Administración de Inmuebles e Inversiones S.A.S.

The company is owned by Felipe López Caballero.

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Founding Year



Felipe López Caballero | Member of a traditional family of the Colombian political elite. Owner of Publicaciones Semana.


Alejandro Santos Rubino | Member of one of the most important families of the Colombian political elite. He is the son of Enrique Santos Calderón and nephew of President Juan Manuel Santos. His wife, María Aparicio Cammaert is Secretary General of the Col


Alejandro Santos Rubino | CEO

Other Important People

María Elena Meza Zuleta

Legal Representative. She is the sister of Maria Luisa Mesa Zuleta, a well-known lawyer who made the shortlist for Attorney General in 2012. She is a member of the board of the El Tiempo CEET S.A publishing house Her brother, Juan Mesa Zuleta, was Communications Advisor to the President during the first term of Juan Manuel Santos and was subsequently director of the Fundación Buen Gobierno that promoted the re-election of Santos:


Dirección: Calle 93 B No.13- 47 / Bogotá D.C.Teléfono: (1) 6468400 .Sitio web:

Financial Information

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USD $ 31.834.300 / COP $ 93.379 millions

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USD $ 5.522.140/ COP $16.198 millions

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Financial information: exchange rate: 1 USD = 2.933,28 COP


Cámara de Comercio (2015). Certificado de Existencia y representación Legal, Publicaciones Semana S.A, de abril de 2015.

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