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The Telecaribe Channel is one of the ten most watched national channels in Colombia. It is a regional public channel, which broadcast from Barranquilla and it has as coverage area the Colombian Caribbean Region. At a national level it can be seen through DTT and by subscription (cable or satellite).


The channel has a general-interest programming. It offers different contents for different audiences, emphasizing cultural, social, political and economic values of the Caribbean Region.


In 1984, the Centro de Estudios Periodísticos de la Costa, organized in Barranquilla a forum where different sectors were invited to discuss the idea of creating a television channel for the region. As a result of the Forum, a “Project of Creation of Atlantic Coast regional Channel” was created.


Then, in 1986 when Telecaribe was officially created linking the seven (7) departments of the Caribbean Region: Guajira, Cesar, Sucre, Magdalena, Atlántico, Bolívar and Córdoba. Initially, the Canal was formed by the following partners: INRAVISIÓN, the Atlántico Department, the Universidad de Cartagena, the Instituto de Cultura y Turismo del Cesar, the Instituto Financiero para el Desarrollo de Córdoba, INFICOR, the Corporación Departamental de Turismo de Guajira, the Instituto de Cultura de Magdalena and the Instituto para el Desarrollo de Sucre. In 2009, the universities of Cartagena and Magdalena, and the District of Barranquilla through its Mayor, Alejandro Char Chaljub (today Mayor of Barranquilla for second term and a member of the Char Family who has a broad economic and political power in the Colombian Caribbean coast) joined as new partners to increase the channel capital.



Key facts

Audience Share


Ownership Type


Geographic Coverage

Regional, national on subscription

Content Type

Free Content

Active Transparency

company/channel informs proactively and comprehensively about its ownership, data is constantly updated and easily verifiable

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Media Companies / Groups

Sociedad Canal Regional de Televisión del Caribe Ltda.


Ownership Structure

It is an industrial and commercial, and indirect decentralized state company that belongs to the district. It belongs to the Government of Atlántico (73. 8 %) and of Cesar, as well as the Ministry of IT and Communications.

Voting Rights

No Data

Group / Individual Owner

Gobernación del Atlántico

No Data

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



No Data


Juan Manuel Buelvas Díaz | He was chosen as the channel manager by the regional Governing Board in 2013. #


Juan Manuel Buelvas Díaz

Other Important People

Ruthber Escorcia Caballero

President of the Channel and Rector of the Universidad del Magdalena


Km 7 Corredor Universitario Cra 30

1 – 2487Barranquilla Teléfono: (5) 318 5050Sitio web:

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

USD $ 22.730.000 / COP $ 6677.8 millions

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

Sin información

Advertising (in % of total funding)

USD $ 1.055.180 / COP $ 3100 millions

Market Share

No Data

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