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Grupo Editorial El Periódico S.A.S.

Grupo Editorial El Periódico S.A.S.

The Grupo Editorial El Periódico is owned by the former Nariñense congressman and businessman Hernando Suárez Burgos and his family. He began with the founding of Diario del Sur in 1983 in the city of Pasto, which constitutes the cornerstone of the media group that today produces more than 20 media in different regions of the country.


Among the media of the group are the Diario del Sur, the Diario del Cauca, the Periódico Deportivo, and about 18 local editions of the popular Extra newspaper. In addition, Hernando Suárez Burgos has added to his media company a station, through the transfer of the station Ondas de Mayo that has coverage in the departments of Nariño, Alto Putumayo and Cauca, and a local television channel , HSB Televisión. He also has a television channel by subscription. Grupo Editorial El Periódico has focused on two topics: The promotion of newspapers in remote regions where there has never been a circulation of local press, and on the other hand, a matrix of production of yellow-type content that has been called popular press.


Hernando Suárez Burgos’ political and business career has been surrounded by some scandals due to investigations and journalistic works that have linked him to drug trafficking, as well as allegations of labor mistreatment in his different newspapers.


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Lydia Stella Ceballos de Súarez

Wife of the entrepreneur Hernando Suárez Burgos

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

Diario del Sur

Other TV Outlets

HSB Televisión

Other Radio Outlets

HSB Radio

Other Online Outlets


General Information

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Hernando Suárez Burgos | Nariñense entrepreneur and journalist. He has built a powerful media group from the expansion of the popular Extra newspaper. He also owns the traditional newspapers Diario del Sur and Diario del Cauca, has a cable television chan




Calle 100 69B-40 / Bogotá D.C.Teléfonos: (1) 6134000 / 6134444Sitio Web:

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USD $ 1.508.570 / COP $4.432 millions

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

USD $ 20.082,5 / COP $59 millions

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Executive Board

Hernando Suarez Burgos

General Manager. Former Nariñense congressman and businessman.

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Financial information: exchange rate: 1 USD = 2.937,88 COP


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