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Alejandro Galvis Ramírez

Alejandro Galvis Ramírez

He is the of son of Alejandro Galvis Galviz important Santandereano political leader of the Liberal Party. He has a long career in public positions, some by popular election, others by appointment. He was also the founder of the newspaper Vanguardia Liberal, which became an institution of journalism in the region.


Alejandro Galvis Ramírez, following his father’s legacy, mantained his ties and influence in the Liberal Party. However, he concentrated in the modernization and expansion of the media company, going from owing a newspaper to owing shares packages in at least six regional traditional newspapers: Vanguardia Liberal, El Universal, La Tarde, El Nuevo Día, La Patria, El Liberal (sold in 2012).


Galvis Ramírez is perhaps the most powerful entrepreneur in the regional newspaper industry. He has been called the Colombian Murdoch.


He had been the promoter of the regional media alliance behind the popular newspaper Q´hubo, the Grupo Nacional de Medios S.A., and the Periódicos Asociados Comercializadora Ltda. He also participates in Colprensa, the only press agency in the country and in Andiarios.


Due to differences with the guarantees given by the Liberal Party for the 2015 elections in his department, he resigned the party. A decison that generated much controversy in the region.


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Alejandro Galvis Blanco

Son. Manager and legal representative of Galvis Ramírez y Cía S.A., company owner of the Vanguardia Liberal newspaper of Santander and shareholder of the press agency, Colprensa S.A., and Periódicos Asociados Comercializadora Ltda. He is a member of the board of directors at Colprensa and current President of ANDIARIOS. He is also a member of the boards of directors of: Grupo Nacional de Medios S.A., which publishes the Q´hubo newspapers, and Editorial Aguasclaras S.A., publishing company of the El Nuevo Día newspaper del Tolima.

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