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Felipe López Caballero

Felipe López Caballero

Founder and owner of the Revista Semana, the most influential analysis and opinion publication in Colombia. He is a member of a family of the Colombian political elite.

His father is Alfonso López Michelsen and his grandfather is Alfonso López Pumarejo, both former presidents of the country. He studied business administration in the London School of Economics and was a member of the team of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation in London. On his return to the country in the early 1980s, he entered the world of the media through his participation in the television programadora Programar Televisión, founded in 1983 that during more than 20 years was a space concessionaire on Canal Uno and for several years produced the Noticiero de las Siete, one of the most watched in the country in the 80s and 90s, until the emergence of private channels.

In 1982 he founded Publicaciones Semana, which as a publishing house began with the edition of its most important publication: Revista Semana. In addition to the property of Publicaciones Semana, Felipe López Caballero has shares (6.5%) in Caracol Televisión S.A. through the company Inversiones Valmiera S.A.S. y Cía. S.C.A., in Radio Caracol (8.6%) through Inversiones Valmiera Enterprise Corp y Cía S.C.A., and in the Compañía de Comunicaciones de Colombia Ltda (0.8912%) through the companies Inversiones Valmiera S.A.S. S.C.A., Inversiones Valmiera S.A.S. and in a personal capacity (0.9840%).

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Alfonso López Michelsen

Father and former president of Colombia

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