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Martha Ortiz Gómez

Martha Ortiz Gómez

She is a member of the family Gómez Martínez, one of the founders of the newspaper El Colombiano and owner of the media company that has been built around it.

She is the current director of the paisa newspaper, which constitutes a que constituye a reference for the construction of public opinion in Antioquia. She completed a postgraduate degree in newspaper and magazine art at the University of Navarra (Spain) and Business Administration, with emphasis on international business from Lynn University (United States). She was manager of strategies and business of the La República newspaper and led the project of editorial renewal of the El Colombiano newspaper, at its 100th anniversary.

Her appointment came after overcoming a crisis within the publishing group, due to the editorial line submitted to Uribismo that its previous director Ana Mercedes Gómez built, since the first presidential election of Álvaro Uribe Vélez in 2002. Although the families owing El Colombiano have distributed the management of the media company, so that the Hernández are in charge of the administrative management and the Gómez of the editorial line, in 2012 this agreement went into crisis. The strong Uribista tendency of Ana María Gómez, did not fit well with the Hernández family, nor with Antioquia’s leadership that supports the government of de Juan Manuel Santos.

Martha is the niece of Ana Mercedes Gómez, who for 22 years was director of the newspaper, and of Juan Gómez Martínez, who currently serves as advisor to the President, Luis Miguel de Bedout Hernández.


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Juan Gómez Martínez

Uncle. Son of the conservative politician and founder of the El Colombiano newspaper, Fernando Gómez Martínez. He has alternated his political career with the management of his family’s newspaper. Among other public positions, he has been mayor of Medellín for two terms (1988-1990) (1997-2000), governor of Antioquia (1992-1994), Minister of Transport (1994-1996), Ambassador to the United Nations (1996), Senator of the Republic (2002-2004) and Ambassador to the Vatican (2006). He is politically related with Fabio Valencia Cossio and Álvaro Uribe Vélez. Advisor to the President in El Colombiano S.A. & S.C.A.

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