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Colombia’s political, legal, social, and historical context explains a lot about its media. Media developed in a context of colonization, violence, civil war, conflict, and corruption. The media system also depends on the legal system and the way in which this regulates and supervises compliance of media organizations with the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and information. There are few legal restrictions. Many journalists fear being killed if they challenge the interests of powerful individuals or interest groups. According to Reporters Without Borders annual analysis of the state of Press Freedom, Colombia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to practice journalism. In 2017, Colombia ranked 129th in the World Press Freedom Index.

This situation has led to a certain degree of self-censorship. Colombia exhibits high levels of income inequality which is also reflected in media consumption through a very uneven audience in terms of types of media as well as media content.

Below you can find more detailed information on each of the aforementioned points.

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