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It is the first and only local commercial channel in the country. For its creation, the Casa Editorial El Tiempo S.A. licensed the Canadian brand CityTV. With a 13% of national audience, it is a channel of general programming, with emphasis on contents on Bogota D.C. It has an open signal in Bogota and its surroundings, in the rest of the country it can be tuned by subscription (cable and/or satellite television).


The channel CityTV is owned by the entrepreneur, Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, rated by the FORBES Magazine as the richest man in Colombia. It began broadcasting in 1999 and for 2007 the Casa Editorial El Tiempo CEET S.A., original owner of the channel, performed a split operation, of which three companies are beneficiaries: CEETTV S.A, Finraceet S.A and Inversiones Aco S.A.


CEETTV S.A. now manages the concession rights of the channel and it is the current owner company of it. It also owns the El Tiempo channel. CEETTV S.A. is a member of the Casa Editorial El Tiempo media group, owned by Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo.


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Media Companies / Groups

Casa Editorial El Tiempo S.A.


Ownership Structure

City TV belongs to the Casa Editorial EL TIEMPO, which is part of the Aval Group, founded by the entrepreneur Luis Sarmiento Angulo, by means of three companies. The group has links with other sectors and owns many other companies.

Voting Rights

No Data

Group / Individual Owner

Intersegovia S.A.

Inversegovia S. A. is a company that belongs to the Aval Group. Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo is a partner of 64.17%,
Seguros de Vida Alfa S.A. with 35.82%.
It own an equity of 28.381137504 % in the Casa Editorial El Tiempo – CCET S.A.

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

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Lorencita Santamaría Gamboa | She was the Advisor of Vice-Presidency of the Media in Valores Bavaria S.A. She worked in the production and programmer company RTI: she has been the Director of Systematization Project, the Programming and Marketing Manager


María Elena Romero

Other Important People

Luz Ángela Sarmiento

President of the Board of Directors of Grameen Aval Colombia. Daughter of Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo. She is married to Antonio Ardila, the son of Carlos Ardila Lülle.


Av. Jiménez No. 6 A -29 / Bogotá Teléfono: 3444060 Ext. 4112

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

USD $ 10.083.800 /COP $29.625 millions

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

USD $ 147.726 / COP $434 millions

Advertising (in % of total funding)

No Data

Market Share

No Data

Further Information

Meta Data

Financial information: exchange rate: 1 USD = 2.937,88 COP


Supersociedades (n.a), Registro, CEETTV S.A.

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