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Grupo Nacional de Medios S.A.

Grupo Nacional de Medios S.A.

The Grupo Nacional de Medios S.A. groups three of the most important families of the regional press in Colombia: the Galvis of Santander, the Lloreda of Valle del Cauca and the Gómez & Hernández of Antioquia. The shareholder families of the Grupo Nacional de Medios are in turn shareholders of Colprensa, the only press agency of the country.,

This group is behind the edition of the popular newspaper Q´hubo, which has twelve local editions in the country and is currently the most widely read newspaper in Colombia, according to the results of the latest surveys from the General Media Survey (EGM) of Colombia, with a great advantage over the second Colombian newspaper, the free ADN newspaper of the El Tiempo Publishing House. The creation of a national newspaper was sought through the unification of different local popular newspapers that were edited by the shareholder companies: Q’hubo (from El País), La Chiva (from El Colombiano) and Nuestro Diario (from Vanguardia Liberal and El Universal). It was decided that the Q´hubo brand, created in 2005 in Cali by El País S.A. was the loudest for the national project.

The Galvis Family is also the controlling owner of the Vanguardia Liberal newspaper of Bucaramanga, and has shareholding in the El Universal newspaper of Cartagena, La Tarde of Pereira, el Nuevo Día of Ibagué, and La Patria of Manizales. The Lloreda family is the controlling owner of the El País newspaper of Cali, while the Gómez and Hernández families are owners of the El Colombiano newspaper of Medellín, and of the economic newspaper La República, which circulates at a national level.

Together with the Swedish transnational media Metro Internacional, the Grupo Nacional de Medios started in 2011 with the distribution of the free Publimetro newspaper in Bogota. In March 2015, el Grupo Nacional de Medios S.A. sold its 49% shareholding, leaving the total shares in the hands of Metro Internacional. However, the newspaper continues to be printed in Ediciones El Globo, company owned by the Gómez & Hernández families, who publish the economic newspaper La República.

The Grupo Nacional de Medios has great influence on the Colombian Newspaper Publishers Association (ANDIARIOS), whose current president is Alejandro Galvis Blanco.

In 2008, within the framework of the controversial and failed bidding process for the third channel, the Grupo Nacional de Medios signed an alliance with the Grupo Mediático Prisa and CM& to participate jointly.


Key facts

Mother Company

El Colombiano S.A & CIA. S.C.A.

Business Form


Legal Form

Sociedad Anónima

Business Sectors



El Colombiano S.A. & CIA. S.C.A.

A media company owned by the Gómez & Hernández Families of Antioquia, owners of the El Colombiano newspaper and the economic newspaper La República. The largest shareholder of Colprensa with 30.53% and shareholder of Periódicos Asociados Comercializadora Ltda. with 33.33%.

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General Information

Founding Year



The Galvis Family of Santander, the Lloreda Family of Valle del Cauca and the Gómez & Hernández of Antioquia. | Compare Owners.




Calle 25D Bis 102 A 63 Piso 3 / BogotáTeléfono (1) 7425050

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Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

USD $ 5.947.500 / COP $17.473 millions

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

USD $ 188.231 / COP $553 millions

Advertising (in % of total funding)

No Data


Executive Board

Luis Miguel de Bedout Hernández

President of El Colombiano S.A. & S.C.A. and of El Colombiano S.A.
He is also a member of the board of directors of Ediciones El Globo S.A. – La República and COLPRENSA S.A.

Supervisory Board

General Manager Jorge Alberto Rangel Gómez

He was manager of TV Cable Promisión S.A. (1992-2008), company sold in 2007 to UNE EPM.

Further Information

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Financial information: exchange rate: 1 USD = 2.937,88 COP


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