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Alejandro Char Chaljub

Alejandro Char Chaljub

Son of Fuad Char Abdala, one of the most influential businessmen and politicians of the Colombian Caribbean Coast.

Like his father, Alejandro Char has had a long political career. He was mayor of Barranquilla between 2008 – 2011. Candidacy for which he had the support of several political parties (Liberal Party, Conservative Party, Partido de la U, Cambio Radical, Alas Equipo Colombia and Colombia Viva); at the end of the term of government, his administration had 91% of popularity among the people of Barranquilla.

During the first administration of Juan Manuel Santos, Alejandro was appointed senior advisor for the regions and the citizen participation; and in the elections of October of 2015 was elected mayor of Barranquilla again, for the Partido Cambio Radical.

The Char Family owns more than ten companies in different sectors of the economy, among them the Supertiendas y Droguerías Olímpica, the Club Deportivo Popular Junior of Barranquilla and Servicios Financieros S.A. Serafinansa. In addition, the Char Family owns the Organización Radial Olímpica (ORO) which groups the most important stations of the Colombian Caribbean Coast and to which the country’s most listened station (Olímpica Stereo) also belongs. ORO currently has more than 30 radio frequencies throughout the country.

Alejandro Char Chaljub, like several members of his family, is partner of the company Char Hermanos Ltda, which controls 39.1% of the Organización Radial Olímpica.

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Organización Radial Olímpica S.A. (ORO).


Granos s Cereales De Colombia S.A.


Supertiendas Y Droguerías Olímpica S.A. – Olímpica S.A.


Club Deportivo Popular Junior F.C. S.A


Servicios Financieros S.A. Serfinansa compañía de financiamiento.


Empaques Transparentes S.A.

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Promotora Inmobiliaria M. Char & Cia. Into Liquidation.


Farid Char & Cia SC

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Golden Gate International Corp.

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Fuad Char

Fuad was the Governor of Atlántico in 1984, Development Miniser (between 1986–1990), ambassador in Portugal (2007 – 2008) and Senator of the Republic in several occasions (1992-1994; 1994-1998; 1998-2002; 2002-2006). He began his political career at the Colombian Liberal Party, but in 2004 he contributed to the founding of Cambio Radical. Despite being recognized by many media as a successful politician, in 2014 the magazine Dinero ranked him as one of the five worst senators in the country.
Together with Alejandro and Arturo (who was also Senator between 2006-2010 for Cambio Radial), Fuad is perhaps the person with the highest visibility within the Char Family. Fuad and his brothers founded the supermarkets and drugstores Olímpica, the most representative company of the economic conglomerate they represent.

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