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Alejandro Santo Domingo Dávila

Alejandro Santo Domingo Dávila

Alejandro Santo Domingo Dávila is the son of Julio Mario Santo Domingo and Beatriz Dávila. When his father died in 2011, Alejandro inherited the liability on the companies of the Santo Domingo group that he led.

Alejandro has two brothers Julio Mario Santo Domingo Braga (son of the first marriage of Santo Domingo) who died at age of 51 because of cancer; and Andrés Santo Domingo Dávila. According to Forbes magazine, Alejandro Santo Domingo is the second wealthiest person in Colombia with assets totaling USD 4.9 billion. In the global list published by the U.S. Magazine, Alejandro is ranked 369 among the wealthiest people on earth.

The Grupo Santo Domingo is one of the most important economic groups in the country and Valorem is the holding company through which he manages his companies. The group has companies that participate in the sectors: Real estate and tourism, Logistics and Transport, Media and Entertainment, Industry and Retail. The most representative company in Santo Domingo’s portfolio was Bavaria, which in 2005 merged with the multinational SABMiller –the world’s second largest beer company– in which he now controls 15% of the shares. Currently, the Grupo Santo Domingo participates of various companies, among which the following can be highlighted Cine Colombia, Gases del Caribe, Stock Models and Koba International Group (company that owns D1 stores).

In the communications and media sector, the Grupo Santo Domingo owns Caracol Televisión S.A (the owner of Canal Caracol), Comunican S.A (the owner of the newspaper El Espectador and Shock magazine) and Inversiones Cromos S.A.S (the owner of Cromos magazine). Until 2003 Santo Domingo had among its properties Caracol Radio. This year the Spanish Grupo Prisa acquired the majority of the shares of the company controlled by Caracol - becoming the owner of Caracol network and its broadcasters -, which left the grupo Santo Domingo without participation in the radial space until 2012, date that it launched the radio station Blu Radio (which is part of the company Caracol Televisión S.A).

Alejandro Santo Domingo is a member of the Board of Directors of various companies of the Group: Caracol Televisión S.A; Comunican S.A.; Inversiones Cromos S.A and Fundación Mario Santo Domingo, among others. In addition, Alejandro a is member of the management of SABMiller PLC. He is part of the board of directors of this company for Latin America and also participates of Backus & Johnston, a major brewing consortium.

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