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At first glance Colombia´s media market seems diverse: it includes four national newspapers, more than 50 regional newspapers, 1512 radio stations covering commercial, community, and public interest programming, more than 50 public, private, regional, community, and local television channels (three national public channels, eight regional public channel) and an unrecorded range of native and non-native digital media among them 650 internet news portals. Compared to other countries in Latin America, media penetration per households is quite high. Colombia’s pay television has the highest penetration on the continent. Internet penetration remains minimal.

Despite this appearance, the media in Colombia is lacking in plurality for a country of 48 million inhabitants.

Duopolies rule in TV, print, and radio

Colombia’s media sector consists of a series of duopolies around which most of the audience gathers:

  • two privately owned open television networks,
  • two national-level newspapers,
  • two radio networks.

TV is most popular, followed by radio

Although Colombia is a pioneering country in Latin America for activism and community media, these are not main sources of news or major generators of public opinion in the country. Compared to other countries in the region.With a consumption of four hours per day on average, television is the most popular media (96%). Radio follows—77% and 2.4 hours of consumption per day. Independent magazines are consumed by just 28% of the population and newspapers by 26% of the population. Internet records the least consumption (11%).

In order to find out more about the most popular media outlets in Colombia and to get to know their owners , use one of the following databases.

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