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Cable Noticias

Cable Noticias is a channel of cable television. It is specialized in national and international news and it broadcasts 24 hours a day. It registers a 2% of preference in the national audience of the viewers of the country.


It began broadcasting in 2007, under the founding of Juan Gonzalo Ángel Restrepo and in 2011 it was sold to the Venezuelan entrepreneurs of the media sector Alberto Federico Ravell and Tobías Carrero Nácar (former owners of Globovisión – Venezuela).


According to Juan Gonzalo Ángel Restrepo, in the context of the negotiation the idea that the only media in the region able to counterbalance Telesur was Cablenoticias emerged, because it is present in 16 countries, including the United States and Mexico. The total cost of the transaction was 17 millions of dollars, a figure that resulted quite controversial due to the uncertainty about the source of the funds.


The current owners of Cable Noticias channel are Venezuelans.


Key facts

Audience Share


Ownership Type


Geographic Coverage

Regional -Bogotá, nacional per suscrición

Content Type

Free Content

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Ownership Structure

The channel belongs 100% to the company Cable Noticias TV S.A.S., which is subdivided between the Venezuelan entrepreneurs of media sector Alberto Federico Ravell and Tobías Carrero Nácar (former owners of Globovisión – Venezuela), to whom it was sold in 2011.

Voting Rights

No Data

Group / Individual Owner

Cable Noticias TV S.A.S.

The company is registered in Panama.
José Raúl Serna Quintero (Vice President of the Empresa Global Media Telecomunicaciones S.A., whose general manager is Juan Gonzalo Ángel Restrepo) is registered as the company’s representative.


General Information

Founding Year



Juan Gonzalo Ángel Restrepo | Former owner of the Cable Noticias Channel. #


Tobías Carrero Nácar | Venezuelan entrepreneur of the Barinas State and a renowned opponent to the Venezuelan government.


Álvaro García Jiménez

Other Important People

Rafael Andrés Carrero

Member of the Board of Directors and son of Tobías Carrero Nácar.


Cr 28 36-41 / BogotáTeléfono: 3693700Sitio web:

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

USD $ 2.859.210 /COP $8.400 millions

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

USD $ 1.545.670 /COP $ - 4.541 milliones

Advertising (in % of total funding)

No Data

Market Share

No Data

Further Information

Meta Data

It is difficult to access to the ownership and management structure of Cable Noticias S.A.S. Not even in the Superintendency of Companies website appears the Board of Directors registry.
Since the owner company is from Panama, it is not possible to access the information about its owners.


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