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The newspaper Extra is a popular newspaper that is expanding and currently has 18 local editions in Colombia. It is owned by Grupo Editorial El Periódico S.A.S. belonging to the Nariño businessman Hernando Suárez Burgos. Its news content is both national and local. It currently circulates in the departments of Nariño, Valle, Putumayo, Huila, Chaqueta, Casanare, Boyacá, Caldas, Cauca, Meta, Santander and in the city of Bogota.

The print version of the newspaper appears in colour, relying on large images with little text and little journalistic content. The name and structure is consistent across all 12 local editions.

Key facts

Audience Share

4 %

Ownership Type


Content Type

Paid Content

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Media Companies / Groups

Grupo Editorial El Periódico S.A.S.


Ownership Structure

It is notable that the entire company belongs to the direct nuclear family of the founder Hernando Suárez Burgos. The shares of the company are divided between his wife with 50% and his 4 children with 12.5% each.

Voting Rights

No Data

Group / Individual Owner

Lydia Stella Ceballos de Suárez

Wife of the businessman Hernando Suárez Burgos.

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year

No Data


Hernando Suárez Burgos | A politician and businessman from the state of Nariño. Founder and owner of Grupo Editorial El Periódico.


Hernando Suárez Burgos | A politician and businessman from the state of Nariño. Founder and owner of Grupo Editorial El Periódico.


Hernando Suárez Burgos | CEO

Other Important People

Manuel René Tobar Chigual

Head of the Inmobiliaria de los Colombianos SAS company registered in Bogota. Its main economic activity is “Printing activities”.


Dirección: Calle 100 69B-40 / Bogotá D.C.Teléfono: (1) 613 4000 – 613 444 Sitio web:

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

USD $ 1.510.940 / COP $ 4.432 millions

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

USD $ 20.114,0 / COP $ 59 millions

Advertising (in % of total funding)

No Data

Market Share

No Data

Further Information

Meta Data

Financial information: exchange rate: 1 USD = 2.933,28 COP

Information about the company, its board, and its financial information is difficult to find.
The EGM registers seven editions of the Extra newspaper but its website indicates at least 18 local editions.


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